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We have been Making Drums for over 15 years

Del and I love Drumming and our love of this inspired us to create Dunnwood drums the Home of Handmade Drums and Rattles .

We also facilitate Drumming circles and groups .

On being taught how to make a Drum   we knew that  it would be the first of many.

This Drum has taken Del and myself on an incredible journey through life . It's change how we look at thing and inspired us in so many ways

We feel that in making your own Drum It too could be a start fantastic journey that will open doors for you .

Not only does Drumming bring us ideas . We live and work in the beautiful Amber Valley where we have a close connection to the land and surrounding area .

We are animistic in our outlook and work  In a  shamanic way.  Have a love of Ancient History  ,Norse and Scandinavian History  and Sammi and Mongolian  traditions are an influence All of which you might find reflected in the Drums and rattles we make 

We also 

Run Drumming Circles 

The Shamans Drum, Design to connect you , your Drum and the shamanic journey 

Drum Making workshops

Shamanic Journeying Groups

Connecting you to the land with Shamanic workshops

Walking Group design to connect you with the Natural world and seasonal changes

We Make Feather fans and Medicine Bags 

Within these pages we would like to offer you the Opportunity to purchase a Drum of your choice 

We can also design a Drum to your specifications 

We can offer Drum making workshops 

We have rattles , Feather fans and medicine bags 

There is advice on care of your drum . and ideas for use .

Drumming circles 

 Shamanic services and courses 

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