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 Our Drums 

We have a variety of shapes and styles and Sizes  to choose from . There is the traditional style round frame drum  with a metal ring that helps keep the drum skin tighter   . to the Sami style oval  Drum.  

We can make  drums  with without the metal ring , 


These are the more traditional Frame drums . They are round , The Drum head is secured using a metal ring  which helps with  the tension  They can come in a variety os sizes . and a choice of wooden frames  In oak , Ash , birch or willow . Hides are normally Red deer but we can have Reindeer , Fallow deer , on occasions we are able to purchase Horse. 

Traditionally we would paint images on the inside of the wooden frame depending on what the drum w was made for . We can pain on outer rim or even on the Drum . 

Drum Prices vary depending on what you require, Size and the type of Skin you prefer 

 a Sixteen inch red deer drums is  at £175.

                                           Drums Sizes start at 12 inches to 24 inches   Prices depend on size . depending on type of wood .

£145  12 inch 

£160  For 14 inch

£175 16 Inch

£ 180 18 inch

£190 20 inch

£200 22 inch

and £ 210  24 inch 

For reindeer andante goatskins add £20  more as these hides are more expensive . And £4o for Horse 

Add on such as painting and adornment please call for to discuss your personal requirements 

 New Drums 

Two Horse Hide drums "

10 "drum on the left  £145 and 12 "  right £ 165   

We have designed this drum fort the purpose of the shamanic journey . You ride windhorse  o your journey according to Mongolian Shamans .But equally you can just enjoy the rhythms and see where they take you .

Eihwas and Mannas together  to give the expression Holy Horse   that this is a mysterious relationship between the Man and horse 

Travelling Boat Drum . 16" Reindeer Drum £185
Dancing Drum
a celebration Drum
16 inch Red deer 
£175 +P&P

Some of the images on the inside celebrating Dance ,Life , energy , Life force , health and strength and the Primordial 

Here are some more styles of drums we can make

Oval drums 

We have some picture of Oval drums below . they ar laces across the back of the drum frame . 

18 inch X 14 £190

20 inch x 16 £195 

22 inch x18  £200     Painting extra  ( contact us to discuss your  Design specifications 

Sami Style  Drums .with traditional painting or without

Each Figure represents aspects of Sami culture from Gods , Animals, to the Wilderness, Hunting and many other aspects including  their  world views.  Drums are made in a traditional way and they are sown into the frame . Because of this they take longer to Make  and would start at around £229

 Drums 1 -4 left to Right 

1 Oval Drum 18 inch by 14 reindeer drum . Sold £190 +P+P

beautifully light in colour

This contains a sun wheel, the runes Anzues , Uruz, Laguze for health and Healing . we also added Berkano , Swilo and Mannaz representing for us and our intension at the time of adding t Nurturing , Growth , Life force and Humankind, We also got Taiwaz and in there for Justice , success and fairness , Algiz healing and higher self .

again come with a rabbit skin beater . we can supply a suede or fur one if desired 

2 Horse Skin drum . made for riding to journey . 14 inches £170+ P+p. If you can see inside the frame it contains Sleipnir . representation of the uffington white horse ,Raido rune and reindeer and sleigh 

3. 16 inch red deer drum , Hunter Drum with Saami petroglyphs

4 back of horse hide drum 

Drums can be made to your specifications. If you have seen anything here you like and it's sold then we can replicate it.

 Or we have some drums in stock for your to purchase .  

We also offer Drum making days where you can make your own drums you desire 

Contact us for more details   tel 07388604996

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