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Drum Making Workshops 

If you wish to Make your own Frame Drum we would be very happy to help you

we offer individual or Group workshops

And a chance to craft your own Frame Drum as you wish . 


  To add the intension you desire , whether for  Drumming , Shamanic work, Journeying ,Connecting with Spirit, Healing.

Or just to see where you're Drum takes you . 


This Full day workshop we help you to craft your own special drum

In Making your own drum you can produce it with that special purpose in mind.

Add your own Designs and energies .

Drums are made from Red Deer skin and are 16“ across

We would like to help you create your drum within sacred space

it take a good full day to craft your unique Drum

Ending with a ceremony to consecrate your new Drum.

 Workshops start t £175, for 16" Drum as above 

We can help you make your own style and design prices same as ready made  ones 

Includes all Materials 

For further Details contact

Pat Dunnicliffe , Del Woods

Tel 07388 604996 

If you would lie to make you're own drum with us Just give us a call to arrange a date 

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