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The Rattles is a powerful Shamanic tool. They can be made from many types of materials, Rawhide, Gourds. Animal Shells They can have Seed, Stones, Crystals or Shells inside. They can be charged by putting crystals in them or other Objects

Energy can be directed with rattles as with a wand.

The Rattle tends to draws the spirit world into the material world whereas the Drum carries the shaman to into the Spirit world. They are said to speak the Voice of the surrounding nature Spirits or Deities

Rattles and beaters can be made to order.

We make our rattles from Rawhide of the Red deer normally, Sometimes we have gourd ones available to create the sound we use small rounded stones .

Rattles can be left with there Natural finish or Painted with a pattern or Medicine /Totem Animal, Finished with simple beading or Fur and/or feathers and Buckskin .

Handles can be of wood sourced in a sustainable and natural way . we occasionally have Antler

We have rattles in stock Designed and styles vary . But if you would like something specific we can make to order .

Just give us a call to discuss


Here's what we've been working on

We have a variety of designs , give us a call if you see anything you like even if it says Sold we can make something very similar 




This Stag God is a representation of that found at Alaca Hüyük.An ,   The original bronze image was made to be carried as a standard  and  dates from about 2500 BC.

the Stag God has symbolized fertility and abundance since Neolithic times. £50 +p&p

 One is based on a rattle collected on Haida Gwaii in 1884, an archipelago off the northern Pacific cost of Canada. The original rattle was carved from wood .£50 

Ocean Wave £30+P&P

  Lightning ,We have two of this design One midnight blue and the other thunder purple as Thors lightning strikes trough the sky .

£35 each +P&P

Rattles  for sale 

 Heres some more rattles we  have in stock . If you would like to know more details about these or what we do  don't hesitate to get in touch . Ever e-mail at  

or call on 


more designs from past projects 

These are some of our past rattles .If you see anything you Like Contact us and we  can make something Similar . Or if you want something a bit different . Let us know. well try and make it for you . Call to discuss or E-mail 

Shamann with Drum   Sold 

Bear and crow 

Bee Rattle 


Made for a Bee keeper 

Swan with beading and Swan feathers  just out of shot 

This Rattle was made to order . The customer wanted  their Totem Animas a lion,  Eagle,  frog and Whale ,painted on it .

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